Soulja Boy recently walked into the Clubhouse room where he called someone to talk about in interviews.
Recently, Soulja Boy reportedly made his way into the Clubhouse room and summoned an unidentified person who got under the rapper's last nerve. Soulja said, I want to say your name is so bad, but I can't make you famous. I just can't.

You can get influence from other rappers, that's cool, but you won't get it from me. I know that's what you want, you want me to say your name, and I'm not. But just know, I haven't forgotten you, boy.

And I get you. on God. I will understand you boy. Talk to me in interviews like you know me, n*gga. You don't know anything about me. on God. You can go there. Anywhere, anytime and anywhere.

Soulja's fans have been wondering who he's talking about but it doesn't seem like they've accepted him yet.