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Handmade MP3 by Aaron Cole: Here comes this amazing life-changing brand new track & Lyrics together with the official music-video titled “Handmade” mp3 by a prolific, well-known & anointed Gospel singer Aaron Cole. The track is a message of the miracles, signs, wonders and power of God through those who follow and call Jesus, Lord.

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Aaron Cole Handmade Lyrics

Wake up early in the morning hit the snapchat
Got my dreams on my mind I gotta have that
Gotta have that prayer gotta prepare
Cause the devil he be coming out he be tryna scare
Yeah these girls they hit my line
I can’t lie
They be dimes
Don’t got timeee
Got the late night feels
Yeah the struggle is real
I’m like Howie Mandel
Is it deal or no deal
I been tripping yeah I know better
I know better so I gotta show better
I’m only human Mr. Cole with the fade
But redemption always got me feeling saved

I’m Handmade, Handmade
I ain’t perfect but He working on me
I ain’t perfect but I’m worth it

Life is life I’m always on the move
Always searching for the anecodote
Always falling short I know He know
Be He step right in and love me though
My friends hear me on the radio
I still gotta make this payment though
I can’t lie boy I mess up
But I still stay blessed up
Beauty I’m a beast in my castle
Ricky bobby gotta go faster
Gotta have God in mi Casa
Feeling like I’m young Mufasa
I ain’t messing with the scars
I done came way too far
Way way way to far
Too light El Debarge
He ain’t called me to be liked
No no no no
But He called me to be great
Yeah yeah yeah
Yeah He called me to be great
Yeah He called me to be great
So I thank Him for the way

I’m Handmade, Handmade
I ain’t perfect but He working on me
I ain’t perfect but I’m worth it

I’m sick of all these people acting like they perfect but they not
We all fall short of His glory made us all from the same pot

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