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Slow Down MP3 by Aaron Cole: Here comes this amazing life-changing brand new track & Lyrics together with the official music-video titled “Slow Down” mp3 by a prolific, well-known & anointed Gospel singer Aaron Cole. The track is a message of the miracles, signs, wonders and power of God through those who follow and call Jesus, Lord.

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Aaron Cole Slow Down Lyrics

We been stuck at 3rd base
We been too close
This not a game to play in the first place
Even we wrong but we still make the same ol mistakes
We got stains on our purity now we should stop for its too late

We goin 90 miles per hour
Girl, you drive me up a wall
I see the red inside your eyes and I don’t wanna be a dawg
Baby, don’t give me a green light
I don’t wanna fall
If we keep playin wit fire we gon crash the car

We need to slow down
Baby, we should slow down
Maybe we should slow down
Think that we should slow down

I know what you think when we together
We should draw the line for we cross over it
Over it
We can’t lose our focus
This is not we approach it

Treat my heart like it’s a token
Don’t you break it it’s been broken it’s been commotion
We been coping
Think he gave us an omen
All the signs he showin
Can’t stop but he in motion we going

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