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Homecoming MP3 by Derek Minor: Here comes this amazing life-changing brand new track & Lyrics together with the official music-video titled “Homecoming” mp3 by a prolific, well-known & anointed Gospel singer Derek Minor. The track is a message of the miracles, signs, wonders and power of God through those who follow and call Jesus, Lord.

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Derek Minor Homecoming Lyrics

(Katie, hurry up were gonna be late!)
(Okay just a second! God, I’m thankful for a relationship, and this crown doesn’t mean a thing.
I thank you for all you have in store for me, and I pray that I will be forever used for your glory. I love you always, Amen.)

(Ladies and gentlemen, introducing your Minorville homecoming queen, Miss Katherine [?])

[Verse: Derek Minor]
She has a life so beautiful
Christian down to the cuticle
You know, the type of girl everybody sorta know
With big dreams, opportunities and plenty hope
Great family, the type to take a stranger in
Mom and her get pedicures, they like best of friends
Dad says she can finally date when the year begins
Star quarterback, “Make sure you’re back before 10!”
Cutest couple that you will ever see
After dating for months they bought each other promise rings (I love you!)
It’s summer and in time you see, the love grows
So they both decide to see how far the love goes
And take it to a place reserved for only married folks
After it happened, that place again they say they’d never go
But they did, so much for being (celibate)
Seven weeks later she finds out that she’s pregnant (I’m pregnant!)
Man got a scholarship, he don’t wanna ruin it (What are you talking about!?)
This is my senior year and marriage, I am not pursuing it
(I’ve been playing football my whole life, I got a scholarship!)
So they break up, right before the baby is born
She drop outta school and leaves the house, it’s time to move on
Waiting tables for years, just to pay the rent
Everything was cool, until her baby’s father walk in (Ah man, what a mess)
Lost her job that day, because of an argument
I ain’t seen you in years and you act like I don’t exist (You act like I don’t exist!)
You never met your daughter, you’re a deadbeat father (deadbeat father)
I’m glad you injured your leg and your career didn’t go farther! (I hate you!)
She threw a glass at him, (Woah, are you serious?!) and just laughed at him
Making a scene so the co-workers grabbed her (Let go of me! Get off!) [Laughing]
Kicked off the premises, escorted by the manager
What am I ta do now, already we’re barely managing (bare-ly mana-ging [x5])
Headed home, heard a party next door
It’s her home girl Teresa she say “What you sad for?”
“I got fired” (I got fired) hold up, say no more
Snort a line of this, it’ll lift you off the floor. (Girl, try it)
And she did, hit after hit, month after month, year after year
That meth got her sprung, She’d be gone for days
She don’t even look the same, I don’t think her daughter’s safe
Mom and dad came and got her through child services
What did they expect, had a baby at 18
My baby daddy left me, it’s the only time I’m free (It’s the only time I’m free!)
I was homecoming queen, now I’m queen of the lean
They say that I’m a dope fiend, I see demons in my dreams (I see demons in my dreams!)
Do whatever for this high, [?]
I can never kick this habit, there’s no point to even try (There’s no point to even try!)
With this hell I’ve been through, there’s no way there’s a God (There’s no way there is a God!)
If there is then he hates me, why am I alive? (Why am I alive?)
I just want to go home for this decade out and cry
But I’ve done so much wrong I feel like I deserve to die (I deserve to die)
They say Jesus you can fix it, in my home as a child
And I can be forgiven of my sins right now
But if I can be forgiven of my sins right now
I’d give it all to you, I need you here right now (I need you here right now)
Hops in the car, puts the petal to the floor (Tires screaming)
Drives to her parents’ house, her daughter answers the door
She tells her baby I’m sorry (Baby I’m sorry)
I wish that I could be more
With your love, I promise things will be different than before
So will you forgive me? I know I don’t deserve it
But please forgive me (Please forgive me [x4])

[Outro: Isaac Carree]
Welcome home
Let the drummers play and the trumpets blow
Oh, welcome home
We prayed, and prayed for you for so long
(So long) So long (So long) So long (So long)
Welcome home, home, welcome home
Welcome home, welcome home

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